1967/68 the great youth revolution spread all over the world.Determined students decided to leave the normal paths of life in order to find a better way of living, than the standard format given by their parents and teachers seemed to pretend.

    Something had happened in an other galaxy, fertilizing life on planet earth as well, with the result that there grew hope for the better; the vision to escape from the cosmic loop of stupid recurrence touched the young and still free minds, before they could be hypnotized into the fatal despondency, lingering in passing time throughout the ages, influencing human existance to the worse.

    In the turmoil of a mechanically descending post war world, full of illusion, pretence and lieing, the young people did not want to go to war again, or repeat their fathers mistakes. No more Vietnam, no more suppression, no more empty and meaningless disciplin, but love and understanding were the dream of an awakening and hopefully determined juvenile vision.The multitude of human races and existances should form a greater wholeto the benefit of each and every individual.

    Tolerance instead of squareheadedness was supposed to be one of the toolse to stop the everlasting pest of wars, wittnessing the history of mankind in such a despicable manner for every lightful being.That´s when it happened that a bunch of hopeful pupils and students decided to leave the treadmill of german society, let their hair grow long, and be different by law. They lived together in a flat, called themselves a commune and promoted a different lifestile altogether. They did not have the solution themselves, but were eager to find it. Unbroken minds! It was students protest and revolution time, which happened in the US, in France and Germany and of course also in Munich, where they lived in Peters place in Kloppstockstrasse, soon moving into a bigger flat at Prinzregentenplatz, because the commune was growing and attracted a lot of interest everywhere.

    It was a dangerous time in germany.People with long hair and new ideas were often hunted down, rarely being served at restaurants, terrorized by the authorities, or if at all exspelled from public life.

    There were the Leopold brothers - Peter and Ulrich - and Chris, who knew each other from boarding school, there were Falk and Renate and Shrat, there was Helge, the girls and the kids and there was Rainer, the guy from vienna, playing the guitar, and a lot of other creative guys, trying to survive as a commune. Making music together was a social everydayevent, and soon they decided to form up a band, and play in public also, ‘cause they all were musiclovers. They used to play during the “sit ins” and “teach ins” at the univerities and accademies, and naturally their music was no “middle of the road” or “Schlager” stuff, but alive tribal heavy underground sound. They were not aiming for a chart career, but reflected the ideals of a new life, steadily growing and changeing by making new experiences made day by day.They did not want to follow an already existing way, but find new solutions.In cosequence they didn´t want an english name either - cause bands in those days were called Beatles or Rattles or so - and after long brainstormings and testful sessions - at a certain time the group was called a different a name at every performance - they came up with this fantastic, neither english nore german creation:


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